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AMS – Oxygen Gas Analyzer – OGA Series

AMS – Oxygen Gas Analyzer – OGA Series

The AMS – OGA is a Portable medical gas purity analyzer and is designed for use in medical oxygen generation systems for spot checking the purity of the oxygen produced and delivered by respiratory care systems, & medical equipment.

It measures oxygen in Atmospheric Ambient and the generated oxygen levels in the monitoring of an oxygen generating system.


  • Validation of medical oxygen generators
  • Product purity on oxygen generators and compressed air systems


  • Digital display of Oxygen Concentration in % on L.C.D.
  • Small, Lightweight, compact size.
  • Automatic operation for continuous measurement & display of oxygen purity concentration.
  • Valuable aid for onsite instant analysis & follow-up action.
  • Easy software calibration by using front keys.
  • Small, compact and light-weight.
  • AC powered; optional battery operated on request


  • Standard dimensions: 11.4×8.6×6.8cm (LxBxH)
  • Weight: 1kg (Approx.) – Wall Mountable
  • Power Requirement: 12Vdc
  • Enclosure: PVC with IP65
  • Visual Indication: LCD Display
  • Electrical Connection to Sensor: 3.5mm Mono Jack
  • Temperature Range: Overall operating:    -20°C to +50°C
  • Output: 13mv – 80 mv per channel.

Product Category Selection:

ProductO2 sensor typeConnectionPower supply
AMS – OGA – 1Electrochemical3.5mm Jack12Vdc
AMS – OGA – 2Ultrasonic4pin din12Vdc
AMS – GA – 3Customised SensorsCustomised Jacks12Vdc

*As per customer requirement we can provide customised units

  1. When the power is given the sensor measures the oxygen percentage from the air or gas flowing through ventilator or oxygen concentrator and the values will be displayed in the LCD display.
  2. The Oxygen Sensor has life expectancy of 2 years in air. When continuously used for 100% O2 the life expectancy is 4 ½ to 5 months hence warranty of only 4 months is applicable.