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Non-contact Speed, Temperature

Contact / Non – Contact Tachometer

Contact / Non – Contact Tachometer


This instrument can be used to measure rotation speed (RPM) and surface speed accurately.  To perform rotation speed measurement, you can use Photo or Contact mode

Wide measurement range

High resolution

Quick measurement

Memory of maximum, minimum and last readings is provided.

Technical Specifications

Rotation Speed                         Photo 6~99999RPM, Contact: 1~19999RPM

Surface Speed                           0.1 ~ 1999.9m/min, 0.3 ~ 6560 ft/min

Accuracy                                    ± (0.05 % of reading+ 1 digit)

Range Selection                        Automatic

Dimensions                               217 x 84 x 43 mm.

Weight                                       App. 265g (without battery)

Power supply                            1.5V, AA Battery

Optional Power supply           6 VDC External adapter