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PLC system and Control panel

PLC range of products & solutions

We provide Programming Solutions for all kind of PLC products like Omron, Mitsubishi, Delta, LS, Siemens – PLC & HMI Servo, Stepper, NI DAQ etc.

OMRON (ZEN, CPM1A, CPM2A, CPM1C, CP1E, CP1L, CP1H, CJ1M, CJ2M, CQM1H, C200HSeries, NT, NP, NV, NQ, NB, NS Series HMI , Servo..,)

Delta (ALL Series PLC, HMI, Servo)

Mitsubishi (FX All series, PLC- Q series, HMI-GOT 1000, HMI-2000, Servo..,)

Siemens (Logo, S7 200, S7 300, ET200S..,)

Panasonic (F & Sigma series, servo..,)

LG PLC.., Allen Bradley-OE max PLC.., Fuji Servo, HMI and Drive..,

Few special projects to be named

Data logging & Traceability

Data logging of all the parameters for component in assembly line.


Super market concept based material availability indication in assembly line.

Complete end to end turnkey solutions for panel building

OMRON – PLC programming

Panel design and commissioning

Closed loop programming for pressure and flow for

128 digital inputs and outputs,

4 Analog inputs and 4 Analog outputs.

Other projects completed:

PLC based system for hydraulic drive control panel & push button station Automotive

PLC based system for hydraulic drive control panel & push button station – Automotive

PLC & lab View based system for final leak test – Automotive

Power steering Pump assembly system – Automotive

Automatic Bar code printing system Interfacing with PLC Projects – Automotive

Fuel leak test System, Fuel consumption test setup – Automotive

Omron PLC Based Barcode System(150 Different Barcode), Omron PLC & Lab view Based Bending & Compression Test – Automotive

Omron PLC & Lab View based furnace automation – Brake Lining

Omron PLC Based Hose Cut to Length (12 Variant) – Hose Industry

LAB VIEW Based Damping Force Test & PLC Training System – Education

GSM Modem based PLC  communication project – Education

Automatic Electronic oil weigh batching system – Tire / Oil

On Line ESD Monitoring System – Electronics