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Simulation & Services


Who we are?

Aaron provides application based turn key solutions in the field of Testing & Validation for the domestic market.

What are we?

Our end to end custom solutions are built to suit specific business needs. The suite has the hardware and the software with automated data acquisition and processing systems. Our expertise is to address the need of remotely operating / handling / controlling / monitoring / reporting applications.

We endeavor to be a trustful System Integrator for our clients. Our focus and differentiator is on Innovation that produces meaningful results for our clients – to help our clients produce better products, offer superior services, improve time to market, reduce costs and improve quality.

What we do?

Industrial automation solutions for Stepper / Servo motor control, Hydraulic & Pneumatic based automation

Industrial automation

Test Rigs & Special Purpose Machine (SPM)

For Automotive & Ancillaries, Processes, Monitoring and control based solutions for any Custom Machines


Lab Automation – Automation of Electronic lab Instrument, Vibration Lab setup for Modal testing & Strain Measurement setup, Acoustic Emission study setup

Forced Vibration

Specialists in providing solutions for:

Durability test of doors, steering, seat belt, handle bar, wiper motors, Oil & Vacuum pumps

Reliability testing of springs, tie-rod, steering link & gear, pump, axle cylinder

End of line testing of buckle, pump, ignition coil

Few projects to be named:

Durability testing of Vehicle Doors opening & closing


All doors are closed at particular velocity set point.

From the load cell door closing and

Opening force feedback are taken, monitored, displayed and logged. ABC pedals were actuated

The software is capable of running all the tests simultaneously.

Reliability testing of steering systems


Steering rack deflection tests, the max. load applied to pinion and the deflection measured, Load VS Displacement

Hydraulic Steering performance and durability tests.

Steering impact tests, Burst pressure tests

Reliability testing of steering systems

Power Steering Pump Performance & Endurance test


To measure torque on a steering pump.


Closed loop control for Pressure and Speed

Data logging and reporting

Extraction and Retraction force test of Seat belt & buckle


Measure forces with respect to deflection are logged

Extraction and Retraction force test of Seat belt & buckle

Projects executed:

Doors open / close durability tests

Seat-belt, Pedal durability tests

Oil & Vacuum pump durability and performance tests

Steering rack-bend deflection test, Steering impact test

Steering hydraulic actuator performance & endurance test

Igniters’ Coil High Voltage Test, Ball Joint Endurance Tester

Online Steering link Torque Tester

GSM / GPRS based remote data logger

Door slam Test