Aaron is truly diversified to conglomerate with interests in design, testing and analysis of machines.

Engineering Services

Our focus and differentiator is on Innovation that produces meaningful results for our clients – to help our clients produce better products, offer superior services, improve time to market, reduce costs & improve quality.

  • Strain Gauge Bonding & Data Acquisition
  • Vibration Measurement
  • Vehicle on load off load conditions
  • Torque Measurements

  • Vehicle instrumentation on Farm machinery such as pasting of strain gauges, fixing of sensors with adapters, measurements and analysis with DAQ system. 
  • Strain / Load measurement on the crank shaft, parking brake, bolt force etc.
  • Strain / Torque measurement on the Yaw gear. 
  • Torsional load / torque measurement on the drag link during dynamic conditions.
  • Strain, Directional Acceleration and Force measurements during Impact test on the PLATE and Outer casing box of air-conditioning units. 
  • Vibration measurement & Modal analysis on structures like automotive components, composite material etc.
  • VIBRATION TESTING (shaker) to check the durability of vehicle components using Vibration shakers.
  • The Test for steering gear Hiss Noise measurement.