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TORQUE Transducers

We offer both Rotary and Reaction torque transducers and having performed thousands of modifications to individual products, high-quality, custom design solutions ensure that from basic torque telemetry to advanced digital measurement.

Digital Telemetry Torque measurement system

Key Features

DIN, SAE, shaft to shaft, integral or custom couplings available

Torque Measurement System; 100 Nm to 10K Nm

Accuracy: 0.05% full scale

Multiple, field selectable analog outputs, scalable “on the fly”

Compact, modular design to fit into tight spaces

Rotary: Non-contact, Amplified, Shaft/Square

Key Features

Range: 0,02 Nm to 1500 Nm or 500 Nm to 2000 Nm 

Accuracy: 0.25 % 

Rotary: Non-contact, Unamplified, Shaft

Key Features

Range: 0.35Nm to 11,298.5Nm

Accuracy: 0.15% or 0.07% based on model

Reaction – Flanged

Key Features

Range:5 Nm to 271,000 Nm 

0.1% non-linearity and hysteresis


Power-train testing: engine, engine diagnostics, cold engine, transmission driveshaft and rear axle differential

Dynamo meter, Brakes and wheel hub

Oil and water pump testing

Jet engine / turbine testing

Wind power gearbox and torsion blade testing / propeller testing

Industrial motor / generator testing

Motor testing and development

Quality assurance testing