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Sound Level Meters

AARON offer sound level meters, real-time monitors, personal sampling pumps, noise dosimeters, gas detectors and VOC (PID) monitors from a renowned worldwide leader.

Basic Sound Level meter


Measurement Ranges: 30 to 130 dB

Time & Frequency weighting 

High resolution display,

Simple operation

Measures average levels (Leq and Lavg)

Stores time history levels


Occupational noise assessments

Product noise testing

Fire alarm testing

Simple walk through noise surveys

Machinery spot checks

Integrating Octave Band Digital Sound Level Meter


Measurement Ranges: 20 to 140 dB

Real-time octave band analysis

Automatic calibration function simplifies use

Meets EC 61672 and IEC 60651, Class 1 and Class 2 models are available


Occupational Noise measurement

Workplace noise assessment compliance for EU, OSHA and ACGIH

Selection of hearing protection

Machinery noise tests

Occupational Integrating Real Time Noise Analyzer


Single measurement range upto 140 dB, no range adjustment

Real-time octave band analysis

Data markers, back erase function and audio recording (WAV)

Level triggered events for transient measurements

2GB memory for more than 1 year of data storage


Same as above plus

Workplace noise assessment according to ISO9612 & OSHA CFR 1910.95

Ensuring compliance with workplace noise legislation

Environmental noise measurement

Boundary noise assessments

Personal Noise Dosimeters


Linear Operating Range: 55.0-140.3 dB (A) RMS

1 minute values of average and peak noise levels stored

Recording of audio events & Octave band frequency analysis (optional)

Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless connectivity


Shift exposure measurements

Task based measurements

Measurements in accordance with ISO9612:2009, CFR 1910.95

Identify noise sources

Select hearing protection

Personal sampling pumps


Robust and reliable design for harsh environment

 Visible replaceable inlet filter

Diagnostic monitoring of pump & battery service life

High intensity status / alarm LED’s

IECEx, ATEX listed intrinsically safe models incl. M1 certification for mining


Measuring dust, fume and vapour exposure

Ideal for use in Mining, quarrying and tunneling

Sampling dusts in pharmaceutical and petro-chemical processes

Real Time dust monitor


Real-time graphical display of dust levels

Extensive range: 0.001mg/m³ to 250g/m³ (auto-ranging)

Sampling for total, respirable, PM2.5 or PM10 with optional adaptor

Unique on-site calibration insert

Rugged design for harsh environments


Monitoring dust levels within the workplace

Industrial process monitoring

Environmental dust assessments

Boundary monitoring for construction and demolition

Risk assessments for dusts and aerosols  

Noise guardian


Real-time noise levels ( LAeq, LAFmx)

IEC61672-1 Compliant Sound Level Meter for accurate and reliable results

Heated inlet to reduce moisture

Maintenance free wind speed and direction sensor


Long term unattended monitoring of noise and dust levels

Demolition phase monitoring, construction sites

Road-side / traffic monitoring

Site monitoring strategies