We offer strain gauge based force and torque sensors, instruments and complete test systems, custom sensor solutions specific to a customer’s application. These sensors are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including automotive, aerospace, medical, nuclear, agricultural and many others.  

Vehicle Speed Sensor

The Non-contact Speed Sensor is suitable to measure vehicle ground speed. It can be mounted in a stationary position to measure the speed of a moving object OR a vehicle 300 meters away. 

  • Speed Measurement Range : 0.8 to 480 kilometers per hour
  • The output of the sensor is a pulse with a frequency proportional to the measured speed. 
  • Power Supply : 10.5 to 16.5 VDC, 2.4 W

Steering Torque Sensor Air-bag compatible

These telemetry based sensor allows to measure non-contact torque data from the very low mass, rotating steering sensor to a stationary receiver. This is a portable sensor used in the test track, field, laboratory, to measure steering torque and angle requirements.

Steering  Torque Sensor Non Air-bag compatible

This steering torque transducer is designed of non-airbag equipped, new and existing steering systems and components used in automobile, trucks, buses, and material handling equipment etc.

Steering Column Torque Sensor

The sensor is used to evaluate steering torque and angle in new and existing steering systems and components in automobiles, trucks, and buses.

  • Ranges: 65 Nm, 135 Nm, 270 Nm
  • <= 0.5% Non linearity and hysteresis

Wheel Torque sensor

Used to measure the torque, speed, and temperature of tire/brake systems without the need for wheel rim modifications or anti-rotation brackets

  • Typical full scale loads – 790 Nm to 9,000 Nm
  • Non-linearity:  0.25% of full scale

Multi-axis Wheel Force

Used to measure all dynamic forces and moments on the wheel with reference to the vehicle coordinate system

  • Typical ranges:  Fx & Fz = ±25kN / ±36kN;  Fy = ±20kN / ±28kN;  Mx & Mz = ±4.5kN-m / ±8kN-m;  My = ±7.5kN-m / ±13kN-m
  • Non-linearity:  0.5% of full scale

Drift Pull Measurement

Used to test drift pull on vehicles.

  • Capacity: 13lbs/58Newtons of moment force
  • Non-linearity:  0.10% of full scale

Seat Belt Sensor

This sensor measures the seat belt tensions during vehicle crash testing and overall belt strength evaluations. 

  • Capacity: 3,500lbs F.S.
  • Non-linearity:  <2.5% of full scale

Shift Knob

The shift knob sensor is used for real time measurement of the “X” and “Y” force components as experienced by the driver

  • Capacity: 50, 100, 200 lbs.
  • Non-linearity: 0.25% of F.S.